Sunday 10/09/2023

Registration and check in

18:00-20:00 Check in & Reception (Via Frangipane, 4)

19:30-21:00 Welcome buffet ("Center Canteen", Via Frangipane, 2)

Monday 11/09/2023

08:30-09:00 Registration ("Fresco Room"- La Rocca, Via Frangipane, 6)

09:30 From Local to Global: A Beyond Worst-Case Analysis of the Louvain Algorithm for Graph Clustering - Vincent Cohen-Addad (Google)

10:00 Local and Distributed Dynamics for Community Detection - Luca Becchetti (U. Roma "Sapienza")

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Optimal Coresets for Euclidean k-Means - Chris Schwiegelshohn (Aarhus U.)

11:30 Using Quadtree for Clustering - David Saulpic (IST Austria)

12:00 Lunch ("Center Canteen")

14:30 Multi-level Locality-sensitive hashing for sub-quadratic time DBSCAN clustering - Camilla Birch Okkels  (ITU Copenhagen)

15:00 On the adversarial robustness of Locality-Sensitive Hashing in  Hamming space - Christian Sohler (U. Köln)

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 Higher degree sum-of-squares relaxations robust against oblivious outliers - Tommaso D'Orsi (ETH Zurich)

16:30 Scalable Approximation of Internal Measures for Clustering Evaluation - Fabio Vandin (U. Padova)

19:30 Dinner ("Enoteca Bistrot Colonna" Via Mainardi 10/12, 47032 Bertinoro (0543 444333))

Tuesday 12/09/2023

09:30 Robustness and dynamicity in submodular maximization - Morteza Zadimoghaddam (Google)

10:00 Dynamic k-center through dynamic approximate furthest neighbor - Mordecai Golin (HKUST)

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Coreset strategies for dynamic k-center in doubling metrics - Paolo Pellizzoni (Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry)

11:30 Fully Dynamic k-Center Clustering with Outliers - Mauro Sozio (IP Paris)

12:00 Lunch ("Center Canteen")

Afternoon: Excursion to The Cervia Salt Pan Park

19:30 Dinner ("Casa Artusi")

Wednesday 13/09/2023

09:30 Privacy in clustering - Alessandro Epasto (Google)

10:00 Coresets for Fair k-Center - Matteo Ceccarello (U. Padova)

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 k-means with distribution drift: adaptively choosing the window size - Alessio Mazzetto (Brown U.)

11:30 Clustering with same-cluster queries - Silvio Lattanzi (Google)

12:00 Lunch ("Center Canteen")

14:30 Discovering Temporal Motif Densest Subnetworks - Ilie Sarpe (KTH)

15:00 The reconciliation k-median problem - Aris GIonis (KTH)

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Panel discussion/open problems

19:30 Dinner ("Ca' De Be", Piazza della Libertà, 9/b, 47032 Bertinoro FC (0543 444435))

Thursday 14/09/2023

09:30 Recent advances in nearest neighbor search - Martin Aumüller (ITU Copenhagen)

10:00 Locality in Data Structures - Ioana Bercea (ITU Copenhagen)

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Spectral Relaxations and Fair Densest Subgraphs - Aris Anagnostopoulos (U. Roma "Sapienza")

11:30 Streaming Facility Location in High Dimension - Artur Czumaj (U. of Warwick) 

12:00 Lunch ("Center Canteen")